Pensacola Inshore Fishing 101

Pensacola is the destination of choice for inland anglers. The city boasts some of Florida’s most pristine beaches, nightlife, a sunken archaeological museum and a wealth of fish. It’s no wonder the region is called the Emerald Coast.

Inshore fishing is done in waters up to 30 feet deep; deeper water is called offshore fishing. Inshore fishing can be done from a pier or boat. According to, shallow water, or inland, fishing requires much less equipment than fishing in deeper waters – watercraft may be small and basic. The angler merely requires a simple vessel and light rod to reel-in the great variety of fish Pensacola offers. Those without watercraft may fish directly from the pier.

Pensacola’s Pier has recently undergone remodeling. According to, this 1,471 foot long pier was widened and reinforced with concrete. The pier offers shade, round the clock access, amazing views, the region’s best pier fishing and the occasional flyby from the Blue Angels. Most impressively, adults may fish for $7.50. Additionally, the pier is conveniently located nearby other attractions.

Summer is the best time for fishing Florida’s Emerald Coast. Fish seem to jump out of the water! According to, Tarpon, Bluefish, Pompano, Redfish, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Gulf Whiting, Ladyfish, and Bonito fish are easily retrieved from a pier or boat.

The shallow shores of Pensacola make for a superb inshore fishing experience. One Angler, on, precisely describes Pensacola’s inland fishing: “[Tarpon] start showing up in June and can be caught through early September. You can catch them all over the bay as well. Those hot, humid days with no wind seem to be the best.” Pensacola offers a wide variety of fish for the inland angler, in addition to Tarpon, Cobia and Sheephead are easily retrieved from the water.

Pensacola, and the Emerald Coast, is an ideal place for fishing. The angler is surrounded by blue skies, clear ocean and shallow water; fish and are abundant and easily caught. While in Pensacola, don’t forget to take a break from fishing to take in the nightlife and submerged archaeological site. A Spanish-American War era battleship lies beneath the sea. The ship, according to, was once used to test experimental artillery, it’s now an artificial reef.