Pensacola Offshore Fishing Charters

Pensacola is the destination of choice for deep sea anglers. Offshore fishing out of Pensacola can bring you wreck fishing for grouper and snapper, battling huge kingfish, and get you on some of the best seasonal red snapper fishing on the planet. We can pick you up at any number of boat ramps or at a private dock. We’ll be there waiting for you to climb aboard for your personalized fishing trip. We provide everything you need, including bait, tackle, licenses and fishing equipment. We even clean and bag your catch for you. You can’t ask for better than that. If you bring food and drinks, we have a cooler available also.

Pensacola’s Offshore Species

This area of Florida is home to some of the best fighting, tasting, and most highly sought after offshore fish species. Some of our favorite species to target include:

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Pensacola Offshore Fishing

The folks here at Fish Flat Out offers a family friendly and exhilarating offshore fishing experience here in Pensacola, Florida. Captain Tyler knows the Gulf’s waters and where to reel-in Amberjacks, Red Snapper and Grouper. Captain Tyler’s encyclopedic knowledge of the region will guide you on an unforgettable fishing trip. 

Pensacola Offshore Fishing Charters are great for anglers of all experience levels. Whether you’re a new or experienced angler, Fish Flat Out will assist you in reeling-in some of the Gulf’s best offerings: stalk Redfish and trout along the flats or reap Grouper from the region’s sunken wrecks. Join Captain Tyler on an unforgettable journey!

pensacola beach fishing charters
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Pensacola Fishing Info

Pensacola, along the Emerald Coast, is an ideal place for fishing. The angler is surrounded by blue skies, clear ocean, and deep waters – fish are abundant and at times easily reeled-in along this surreal vista. Large species of fish such as Tarpon, Grouper, and Red Snapper are abundant in these Gulf waters.

While in Pensacola, don’t forget to take a break from fishing to enjoy the nightlife and submerged archaeological site. A Spanish-American War era battleship lies beneath the sea. The ship was once used to test experimental artillery, it’s now an artificial reef.

Big Fish

Pensacola’s anglers take pride in the big catch, Red Snapper and Tarpon are chief among these targets. Local anglers also target Scamp Grouper, Gag Grouper, Amberjack, Kingfish and a myriad of hard fightin’ fish from Pensacola’s deep offshore waters. 

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